Typeform, Meet Fomo

Typeform is known for many great things. engaging design, seamless experience, versatile ways to use it... it's not surprising that so many businesses love it.

while originally known for slick forms, Typeform does a lot. it's all about experience.

users can create quizzes, get business feedback, build engaging contact pages, and even create Stripe-integrated stores. and this is exactly why we built the Typeform integration for Fomo.

lots of usecases.

why Fomo and Typeform?

the bulk of our users employ Fomo to show off recent purchases. makes sense, good for conversions.

obviously, there is much more you can do.

any time a user takes an action that you want others to do too, Fomo helps. we push the social proof that highlights the action, build on trust, and drive momentum on marketing.

same goes for Typeform.

more form completions

Example Fomo notification for Typeform contact

new quiz takers

Example Fomo notification for Typeform quiz

increase purchases

Example Fomo notification for Typeform purchase

get more feedback

Example Fomo notification for Typeform feedback

wherever, and however you're using Typeform, with Fomo you can showcase real user actions elsewhere.

when somebody completes a Typeform, notify your standard site visitors. when social followers fill in a quiz, let your larger audience see it and do the same.

how will you use Typeform with Fomo?

getting started with the integration

to get started, simply sign in to your Fomo account and connect with Typeform through the integrations page.

of course, you'll need a Typeform account too.

not yet signed up with Fomo?

are you okay? head over to our homepage and get your free trial started.