upgrade to V2 theme builder, here’s why

Fomo can be used in many ways.

some, you may not be familiar with -- and that’s our job to get flexibility better exposed. “we’re very flexible”.

in a recent audit, we found that a significant percentage of our users haven’t updated to our V2 themes. crazy.

if that’s you, it’s time to make the jump.

screenshot of rotating notifications

what's V2 and why should I care?

the Fomo V2 themes are built to provide better flexibility and, through that, more click-through conversions. that’s what you’re here for after all.

to adopt V2 themes, all you need to do is log in and select one from the theme editor. save, you're done.

V2 allows you to do neat things.

1. a new range of default notification themes

The Original. the theme you're most familiar with. clean and simple.
Fomo original theme

The Gap. make product images pop more, add a gap to notifications.

Fomo gap theme

The Colorful. set a nice contrast, match button colors, pick a color that works for you.

Fomo colorful theme

The Curved. make it retro, add some style. rounded image and notification frame.

Fomo curved theme

Seasonal Themes. be on the lookout for more of these throughout the year and learn more here.

Fomo memorial theme

Fomo christmas theme

other seasonal themes

2. custom CSS & more control

make Fomo more unique for your site and your visitors. social proof can be used in a lot of ways -- some may surprise you.

custom notification editing in Fomo
in the theme editor, you can:

  • set a preview background color to make tweaks native to your site
  • change image padding
  • toggle the notification shadow
  • change text and link colors
  • or even add custom CSS

3. go further

Fomo's social proof can be shown beyond the notifications you're used to.

add the Fomo Bar to your site. make it hover, style to match your site's theme.

embed Fomo Feed on the right page elements. feed in user actions to on-page content.

create hover triggers to show notifications. when somebody hovers something special (think: product), show proof.

this is your a-ha moment. jump into your account now to adopt V2. save, you're done. simple.