What Happens When The Social Media Posse Meets Fomo

Liz Dean grew up with social media and is obsessed with it. Instagram is her favorite platform because of the visual aspect of it combined with her passion for photography. Coming from a background in software engineering and client support, Liz quickly realized that she wanted to become an Instagram influencer and help others do the same.

Liz launched The Social Media Posse in 2015 in Salt Lake City. The Social Media Posse provides guides, ebooks, and courses outlining tips and tricks to grow Instagram accounts for digital influencers and brands. Liz also leads a Facebook group called the Instagram Posse, home to 36,000+ influencers and marketers. She now runs a blog of her own, littleprettyliz.com and continues to A/B test strategies on her Instagram account, @LizDean.

Founder Liz:

“What makes me tick is having so many exciting ideas and projects to do but so limited time to execute on them as a mom of two!”

Slow And Steady, Results Inevitable...

The Social Media Posse built Liz’s personal Instagram accounts @skirotica to 60,000+ followers and @LizDean to 50,000+ in under a year. They place their emphasis on strategy and time, even with Liz having a busy full-time job, a traveling schedule and a family to take care of.

Liz says:

“We are just regular people – no celebrity status, no brand name, and no budget to pay for marketing boosts or shoutouts."

The Social Media Posse created a community of like-minded Instagram influencers accounts to network, like, and comment on each other's photos in what they call Comment Pods Communities. The communities match influencers with fourteen different niche Instagram accounts to interact with.

Comment Pods™ Communities started with the idea that a small group of Instagrammers who are invested in growing their accounts could help each other spark engagement on their accounts, and it worked.

In 2015, The Social Media Posse coined and trademarked the term “Comment Pods™” and expanded it to their Facebook group. After running this program with thousands of Instagram accounts, they have fine-tuned the instructions and the process for an efficient program so Instagram influencers can get the most out of their social media strategy.

Bridging The Gap...

Instagram is an excellent way of reaching and cultivating an audience, but making sales takes place in your territory. A few common issues marketers face are trying to get people from social media onto their website, and when people reach the check out stage and leave before a transaction. Thankfully for entrepreneurs, there are a plethora of tools to combat this issue. Liz focuses on email marketing with Active Campaign and using Facebook Pixel, and Zapier.

Liz says:

“I’m working on abandoned cart strategy and automated email marketing projects now.”

One day while Liz was browsing the internet, she saw notifications pop up in the corner of a site she was visiting and became intrigued. She looked in further and discovered the notifications were from Fomo. Fomo is a conversion rate optimization tool that increases website conversions by showing off recent customer behaviors.

Word of mouth marketing is called social proof. The act of seeing what others are doing instantly gives credibility and trust to the potential customer, as opposed to them usually being met with an idle storefront. How lonely is shopping alone!


“Love the social proof notices.”

The Social Media Posse site is displaying notifications for when someone joins a Community Pod, when someone buys a product, and when someone joins the email list, among others. The list can go on almost indefinitely, as Fomo can now connect with over 1,000 applications. Liz has connected Zapier, Active Campaign, and Instagram.


Onwards and Upwards...

Liz is still new to Fomo and has yet to connect to Google Analytics to track conversions, but she is hopeful of the impact 41,044 notifications shown on her site has. Liz has not tried any Fomo competitors and doesn't plan to!

Liz’s plan with Fomo is to begin testing it with Instagram notifications on her blog, littleprettyliz.com.

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